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Research & Development

Innovate And Grow

Did you know that the UK Government has put tax incentives in place to help companies to innovate and grow? 

At Willis Cooper we’ve got our collective fingers on the pulse of what’s happening out there, and can quickly find and recognise the R&D tax credits that your firm would be entitled to before putting the wheels in motion to ensure that you get what you deserve.

If your company is undertaking Research and Development and pushing innovative thinking, then there is an extensive range of government support available for you. Willis Cooper will help you to find exactly the right scheme which in turn will give you the extra funding you need to develop new products, new ideas and grow.

Businesses that innovate often lead their industry forward, with new insights and product developments that can change how an industry operates.

We’ve helped a number of businesses to secure and benefit from Research & Development tax credits so they get the tax relief that they are entitled to from the government, while undertaking the necessary paperwork to put it in place.

Specialist Knowledge

Using our specialist knowledge and experience across many industries including engineering, manufacturing and software development, our team can help you prepare your R&D claims, calculating the tax impact and reaching agreement with the HMRC.

By demonstrating that you’re grasping the challenge of innovation and committing to improving the quality of your Research and Development strategy over the long-term, you open yourself up to some sizeable benefits from the government.

Willis Cooper will help you to take advantage of these and help you to put the right paperwork in place so that you get to feel the full benefit, painlessly and effortlessly. That way you get to concentrate and focus upon your goals, innovate and stay ahead of the pack.

Talk To Us About…

We’ve helped our clients to claim back over £3m to date, so if you’re innovating then you need to talk to us today about reclaimable tax credit as well as Enterprise Zones, R&D tax incentives, R&D capital allowances, the Patent Box regime and above the line R&D credit.

We’ll take the time to cut out the jargon and break it all down into language we can all understand, so that you can rest safe assured that you’re making the right choices and getting the recognition and benefits that your innovative work deserves.

So call Willis Cooper today on 01773 881045.