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05 Jun

Major furlough update

There’s more change to the furlough scheme with HM Gov’t introducing a mark 2 scheme from 1st July. Full details to be released shortly; but the ...

07 May

Self-employed grant update

HM Gov’t is gearing up to pay out under the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS); the scheme where HM Gov’t may pay you a ...

04 May

Bounce Bank Loan Update

Bounce back loans have launched today and are already selling like hot potatoes.  Meanwhile the news from the banks is mixed; whilst Santander has been paying out, Nat ...

29 Apr

Bounce back loan

New Government Scheme – the Coronavirus Bounce Back loan What is it? This is a new 100% Gov’t underwritten loan scheme, announced on Monday. Who ...

20 Apr

Another Willis Cooper furlough update

The BIG news is… ….that the furloughing portal has opened today with HMRC. This is the portal through which we can claim back the free ...

15 Apr

Furlough Qualification date extension

The furlough qualification date has been extended from 28 February to 19 March…. please follow the link below for further information. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/furlough-scheme-cut-off-date-extended-to-19-march?fbclid=IwAR0-djukqYfzL2CNiGK140AQ9GI7qNLXlWYq5_y3wJRJVoCGjUoTlgBYGKI

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