Tax to pay in January?

We’ve got some bad news. You probably already know this but this is a quick reminder…..

….a lot more people will have a tax payment to make on...


As a busy and growing practice, we are always interested in meeting potential new members of the Willis Cooper team. We are looking for people who...

A tax harvest!

Just had a bumper crop of R&D tax credit claims come through for clients. Over £160k for five different clients working in engineering, IT and...

We are celebrating!

We are celebrating with fish and chips at lunchtime today. Just had some excellent exam results from our apprentices in their latest exams. Well...

Holiday resolutions

Been away on holiday? We hope that you have managed to get away from the everyday for a bit, had time to relax and get a bit of perspective on life...

Want cash for your code?

Want cash for your code? Did you know that if you are writing code to create a new product or to meet a customer need then you may be eligible to...

Another successful R&D claim!

Another successful R&D claim for a client in the injection moulding sector. Does your company work in this area? Are you aware of R&D tax credits...

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